Business School

Spanish Language Courses

Languages of instruction

MBA and MSc: The primary language of instruction is Spanish although some
electives are taught in English.
International MBA: All courses are taught in English.

Language Requirements

MBA and MSc: Non-Spanish speaking students must show an advanced knowledge of Spanish, through either the DELE certificate - Level B2, or by assurance provided by the home institution.

International MBA: Non-English speaking students must show an advanced knowledge of English, through either a minimum TOEFL score of 80 points or equivalent certification, or by assurance provided by the home institution.  Exchange students need to have a good command of either Spanish or English, depending on the language requirement of the Master program.

Language course

ESAN offers to its incoming exchange students a 10 session Spanish course
free of charge, to help them advance their proficiency in the language. Courses
are scheduled upon students' arrival.

Language programs

ESAN offers the following language courses for a fee:

  • TOEFL-GMAT preparation workshop. 
  • In-company English for Business program. 
  • English for Business Communication. 



Academic/experience requirements

MBA and MSc / International MBA
Academic: The home institution will nominate candidates with a high academic
Work Experience: Candidates must have at least two years of corporate work
experience. Internships are not a valid substitute for this requirement.

Full-time workload

MBA students complete 76.30 credits in 663 tuition hours. These tuition hours
are divided into 105 hours for a Managerial Skills Courses, 408 hours for core
courses and 150 hours of specialization courses.

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