Since its founding, ESAN efforts have been directed at strengthening the professional management in Peru and Latin America on the basis of international standards. For this purpose, has maintained a close relationship with the most prestigious academic institutions worldwide. International links, initially confined to the United States and Canada, have gradually expanded to include organizations of the Americas, Europe and Asia. ESAN continues to be fully immersed in an internationalization process, maintaining strategic links with prestigious institutions in the five Continents, and keeping a permanent and stimulating dialogue with their authorities and members. Through this effort we offer our faculty, students and alumni, new dimensions of knowledge and opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Our MBA has been formulated within the frame of the strictest international academic standards, with topnotch instructional and information technology and under the academic responsibility of a qualified management experienced faculty. It has international recognition, reflected in 11 double-degrees and over 70 one or two semester exchange agreements. Spanish language courses are also available to students and faculty.

We encourage international students from partner universities and schools to come to ESAN and to Peru, and to embrace the challenges of a unique professional and personal experience.

International Office


Armando Borda
Head, Graduate Student Exchange Office
Phone: +51(1) 317-7200 ext. 4338
Fax: 51+(1) 345-1328

Benoît Charmetant 
MBA/MSc Exchange Program Coordinator
Phone: +51(1) 317-7200 ext. 4694
Fax: 51+(1) 345-1328


Ms. Mariella Olivos
Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs
International Cooperation
Phone: 317-7200 - Ext. 4381

Ms. Mylene Sandoval
Outgoing Students Coordinator
Phone: 317-7200 - Ext. 4348

Incoming Students & CBEM Program Coordinator
Phone: 317-7200 - Ext. 4749

Additional Information


Information Services:
The Library and Information Center, ESAN/Cendoc, is one of the most complete in Latin America in the area of its specialization. It holds approximately fifty thousand volumes among books, documents, reference collections and other types of materials. In addition, it has more than 14,000 titles belonging to technical journals (online and printed versions) and records of journal articles in Spanish.

ESAN/Cendoc offers its services to students in all programs and to the faculty and researchers. It also offers access to EBSCOhost and Infotrac databases, with a considerable volume of full text articles and reports. It also offers access to Internet and other national and international databases. ESAN/Cendoc fosters and maintains cooperative agreements with diverse institutions for the exchange of publications, donations, interlibrary loan and other specific content requests. In addition, it participates in international and national projects. At present it has exchange agreements with over forty libraries and information centers.

Computing Center

ESAN offers the media and facilities to connect with internal and external networks, including Internet, which facilitates communication with professors, students and worldwide information sources. In addition, there are two fullyequipped computing classrooms with multimedia system as well as wireless connection throughout the campus. Exchange students are urged to bring a laptop although computer labs are
opened 24 hours a day. Students who bring their computer will receive technical support from the IT Service Office. Minimum characteristics are: LAN Ethernet 100/1000 Gigabit card , UTP RJ45 (optional) ; wireless card WIFI 802.11b/g/n; Pentium Core 2 Duo; 1 GB RAM; Hard Disk 100 GB minimum; Windows 7 operating system; updated antivirus; MS Office 2007.

Fees at ESAN

Depending on the conditions of the double degree agreements, a tuition cost may be involved. Please contact MBA officers for further details.
In the case of one or two semester exchange agreements, academic costs are exchanged by the partner institutions. Tuition, course materials, books and registration costs are therefore waived. Exchange students are expected to pay for additional photocopies, travel expenses, room and board, health insurance and other personal expenses.


Student services

All exchange students will receive counseling from the MBA and Admission offices by giving them orientation on accommodation, public services, transport, meals and recreational activities among others.

Peru presents interesting social characteristics such as its racial and cultural heterogeneity, its economic and social reality and a population growth that
has surpassed the Latin American average.

Our school is based in the suburbs of Lima, the country's capital, located on the coast. It takes a 15-minute drive to get to the beach and a 1-hour ride to reach the Andes skirts. The jungle is accessible by land or plane.

The city of Lima, also known as "The City of the Kings" is one of the most attractive Latin American capital cities to live in. It is a pleasant and safe modern city adequate for professional development, especially because it is a strategic city for multinational firms operating in the region.

Lap Tops

Exchange students are urged to bring a laptop although computer labs are opened 24 hours a day. Students who bring their computer will receive technical support from the IT Service Office. Minimum characteristics are: LAN Ethernet 100/1000 Gigabit card , UTP RJ45 (optional) ; wireless card WIFI 802.11b/g/n; Pentium Core 2 Duo; 1 GB RAM; Hard Disk 100 GB minimum; Windows 7 operating
system; updated antivirus; MS Office 2007.


All exchange students will be assigned an e-mail account through which they will be able to communicate with the ESAN community and externally.

Spanish Language Courses

Languages of instruction

MBA and MSc: The primary language of instruction is Spanish although some
electives are taught in English (International Week).

Language Requirements

MBA and MSc: Non-Spanish speaking students must show an advanced knowledge of Spanish, through either the DELE certificate - Level B2, or by assurance provided by the home institution

Language course

ESAN offers to its incoming exchange students a 10 session Spanish course
free of charge, to help them advance their proficiency in the language. Courses
are scheduled upon students' arrival.

Language programs

ESAN offers the following language courses for a fee:

  • TOEIC preparation workshop. 
  • In-company English for Business program. 
  • English for Business Communication. 



Academic/experience requirements

MBA and MSc
Academic: The home institution will nominate candidates with a high academic
Work Experience: Candidates must have at least two years of corporate work
experience. Internships are not a valid substitute for this requirement.

Full-time workload

MBA students complete 59 credits in 708 tuition hours.