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Various governments have set themselves to the task of reforming their administrative systems and organizational structures in recent years. These changes partly reflect new paradigms focusing on improving the quality of public services and enhancing management transparency.

Peru has not been a stranger to such initiatives. However, the scopes and outcomes of such reforms have been restricted partly by the acute lack of appropriately trained staff that can meet the new demands of modern public management. Oftentimes, government officials try to introduce changes but lack the skills required to meet the challenge.  Universidad ESAN, as part of its contribution to the nation, has designed a Master's Degreethat not only addresses those demands but also recognizes and incorporates new result-driven management concepts and provides a sound and modern training adapted to local conditions and the people's needs.  

The Master's Degree design is not only aligned with the study programs in other leading countries in this field, but also incorporate the experience of government officials who have contributed their vision to a style of training that responds to the need of reform of Peru's public administration. In addition, the civil servant's profile was identified to reflect the knowledge needed and the new capacities and attitudes required in an overall framework of a spirit of ethics and public service.    


Contribute to excellence in training of government officials by providing training focusing on results and efficient administration of projects and programs, while recognizing the values required to exercise a public role, in particular responsibility, integrity, moral solvency, entrepreneurial spirit and efficiency.

Additionally, public officials are given the knowledge and tools required by new paradigms in public administration and by information and communications technologies, so they will be a position to enhance the quality of public services and lead the modernization of the nation's public management.

Why get a Master's Degree in Public Management from ESAN?

A new proposal

This Public Management Master's Degree gives students a differential value by adopting a multi-disciplinary approach in four areas that will allow participants to improve their understanding and participation in the public sector and make new value propositions for organizations using management tools that have a special impact on economic and financial management.  A differential component of the program's approach is its vision of prevention, better understanding and management of conflict situations that might hamper organizational development plans.  

Academic excellence

Since it was established, ESAN has maintained a consistent level of excellence through its applied and flexible technology-based teaching models. This has also been accomplished thanks to a rigorous candidate selection process, a study program aligned with the highest international standards, and a focus on strengthened analytical skills and management competencies of participants.  

Specialization option

ESAN's Public Management Master's Diploma gives participants the opportunity to specialize in two state of the art fields with bright prospects for using them in government organizations and which will allow students to avail themselves of specific tools to expand their management capacities, while giving them greater opportunities for professional growth.

Prestigious faculty 

The program schedules Peruvian and international professors, specialists and other academics, at doctorate level and with vast professional experience in government.  

Strong international component

A unique and innovative program that has adopted an international approach coupled with strict empirical rigor. The Public Management Master's Degree includes classes taught during ESAN's International Week and an International Seminar taught in coordination with our partner universities abroad.    

Interdisciplinary nature

Participants include practitioners in various professional fields resulting in rewarding debate and experience sharing in class and opportunities for participants to expand their network of professional contacts. 


ESAN has earned the support of its faculty, a highly qualified staff of practitioners with experience in training business leaders during its more than 50 years of life as an institution. ESAN is a member of the world's most important business schools associations (AMBA, PIM, EFMD, AACSB). For six years in a row, ESAN Graduate School of Business has been recognized as the best and leading graduate school in Peru by the Ranking of Best Latin American Business Schools in 2015 sponsored by América Economía magazine.

Within our region, Esan is ranked as the 12th best business school.

Public Management Consultative Council

As part of its ongoing search for its program to bear a direct relation with the developments and priorities in the target sectors, ESAN has made a call to set up a Consultative Council for the Public Management Master's Degree, sitting a team of successful government officials with raised professional profiles. This Consultative Council permanently evaluates the program's evolution and the participant's perspectives to permanently improve the program.

Members of the Public Administration Master's Degree Consultative Council include:

  • Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - Chairman, Directive Council
  • Pedro Sánchez Gamarra - Former Minister of Energy and Mines of Peru
  • Cecilia Blume Cilloniz - Director, CB Consult