Global scope

First rate international faculty.


Globalization and increasing competition in the local and world markets make project development significantly particular when it comes to business management and organizations' sustainable growth. Increasingly, companies are moving toward project-driven management and operate and re-engineer themselves on a project basis. These projects are not peculiar only to large infrastructure, mining or manufacturing corporations as in the past, but rather projects are prepared and executed in any industry, regardless of the companies' type and size as a strategic component of their management styles.  

A company depends on the success of its projects and the opportunity to develop future projects. Project management is vital to accomplish these objectives. Practitioners must be trained to fill management positions by providing them a "tool kit" that will improve management and simultaneously help them interact with other participants, in a way as to access a wider range of professional expertise from other industries and thus expand their knowledge base.

Universidad ESAN's High Specialization Program in Project Management was a particularly successful experience that persuaded us to launch a Master's Degree in Project Management with La Salle Business School as our main partner, that teaches the only Project Management Program accredited by Project Management Institute in Spain. It is also the third such program in Europe and the fifteenth worldwide.

Graduate profile

Project Management Master's Degree graduates will be able to pick up new challenges in their organizations thanks to the knowledge they will get from the program to optimize management and fill management or senior directive positions in their fields of expertise.

The Master's Degree's structure provides graduates specialization to make a difference in the professional market. The Program's methodology will hone team work and leadership skills. Its philosophy will give graduates a chance to interact in the regional and European markets.


The Project Management Master's Diploma is an international full-fledged project aiming at training Project Directors with sound and practical knowledge and other world class project management and business management tools including PMI, PRINCE2, ISO10006, IPMA and Stanford.

Duration and schedule

  • The program lasts approximately 24 months.
  • Classes are taught Tuesdays and Fridays from 7:00 to 10:30 p.m.
  • Preparatory workshops, international classes, final exams and class rescheduling governed by special regime.