The only one with three international trips

Program Objective

The Master's Degree in Healthcare Services Management provides executives and practitioners in the healthcare industry a learning experience that will allow them to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills they need for outstanding management performance up to international standards. This training will allow them to guide organizations focusing on providing healthcare services with a global perspective and an innovative, humane and inclusive approach.

Why study the ESAN Master's Degree in Healthcare Services Management?

1 Academic excellence

Since it was established, Universidad ESAN has performed at a level of excellence in line with the standards initially set forth by the University of Stanford Business School. This was possible through a rigorous student screening process, a study program that meets the highest international standards and is directed at strengthening the participants' analytical skills and manage competencies, and a faculty that combines various capacities, resulting from both high academic recognition and practical experience in the business world.

2 Global approach

The program has been designed with an international perspective. Three international trips are organized to attend lectures and visit healthcare organizations, both public and private. In addition, the program includes lecturing by top international lecturers who will share their experience with program participants.

3 Consultative committee

The program has set up a consultative committee sitting senior management from healthcare provider organizations, both public and private.

4 Reputation training health professionals

The experience  Universidad ESAN has gained in training healthcare management professionals is further supported by consultancy and research activities in recent years and the success of the PADE and Healthcare Services Management PAE , which together have graduated 13 classes and the additional 4 classes that the Healthcare Services Management Master's Degree has graduated so far.

5 Mentoring

Each team will mentored by a faculty member targeting the participants' personal and academic growth and development, so they can bring their learning project to a successful end.  

6 Technology

A technology-intensive study program for both lectures and workshops, that heavily relies on a robust technology infrastructure to help participants meet their study objectives. Universidad ESAN's infrastructure includes a wireless Internet campus. Classrooms and study areas have been designed to allow group work using information technology.

7 Pedagogical model

Participation and experience sharing are encouraged through team work and case presentations. Individual presentations are encouraged to further participants' skill honing in healthcare service management.


Classes are taught in two week periods on Fridays from 5:00 to 10:00 pm and Saturdays from 8:45 am to 6:15 pm. The introductory module and intensive international weeks are governed by a separate regime.