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The Master's Degree in Agribusiness Management by ESAN is a national and international benchmark program, regularly reviewed by a Consulting Council sitting members of the business community responsible for the world renowned Peruvian agribusiness miracle. The program provides education with high academic standards and is balanced with management practice that altogether create a clear vision of how Peruvian agribusinesses can compete while remaining sustainable, inclusive and profitable.

Our master's studies have adopted a comprehensive approach focusing on people and the impact of their decisions while simultaneously providing a broad business perspective and horizons that coupled with capacity for innovation create the potential for successful entrepreneurship.

Leonardo Adachi Kanashiro, MBA
Academic coordinator of the Agribusiness Management Master's Degree

Program objective

Provide knowledge on the foundations of management and study success cases so that participants can avail themselves with the strategies and tools they need for planning, developing and managing agricultural production, agribusinesses, marketing and exports of agribusiness products in the main global markets, and develop the managerial competencies and skills that will allow them to make effective and appropriate decisions so they can their expert professional judgment to the growth of their organizations and communities.  


11 master's degrees classes

03 host cities (Chiclayo, Ica and Lima)

218 students and alumni

115 graduates

35 research theses

Agribusiness consulting council

Consisting of Peruvian agribusiness entrepreneurs and senior managers who provide a broad view of the industry as we move forward, emphasizing development of managerial competencies and skills required by the market to ensure a sustainable and competitive development in harmony with the environment.    

  • William Arteaga Donayre, General Agriculture and Agribusiness coordinator at Promperú.
  • José Antonio Gómez Bazán, commercial director at Camposol.
  • Gustavo Guerrero Parreto, Operations Manager at Arato S.A.C.
  • César Rivasplata Lino-Montes, general manager at Qualitas del Perú.
  • Marco Vinelli Ruiz, head of AGROIDEAS at the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Octavio Chirinos Valdivia, director of the Agribusiness Management Master's Studies at ESAN.

Participants' profile

Experts in identifying and tapping agribusiness opportunities:  with the ability to extract value from management situations.

Company growth leaders: who understand the value of innovation and competitiveness as high performance team leaders.

Knowledgeable of the processes needed to prepare investment projects: and able to integrate and use relevant information to support making of appropriate decisions in uncertain environments.

Skilled in solving relevant problems in their immediate surroundings: and able to perform in decision making situations in public or private firms, with consulting, executive, operational or directive skills in agribusiness.

Duration and schedule

  • Duration: 24 months (including thesis time).
  • Program is offered on a face-to-face basis. Classes taught in Lima or in the region (state) where the call for applications was made.
  • Schedule: Since professionals in this industry work mostly in the field, face-to-face classes are taught every 15 days on Saturdays and Sundays in the following schedules:
  • Saturdays: From 14:00 to 20:45 pm. (face-to-face classes).
  • Sundays: From 8:00 to 14:45 hours (face-to-face classes).
  • Visits to agribusiness companies and the International Week on different schedules.
  • Key note lectures and final tests between 9:00 and 12:00 hours following coordination.