Business School

Institutional Programs

In terms of professional development and training, conventional supply is often not enough to successfully respond to the circumstances of today's globalized world, which drives institutions towards the pursuit of excellence. Therefor, unlike those regularly offered, our custom programs are characterized by their more specific content, less standardized nature and flexible duration. Our professional training programs are designed for the specific needs of enterprises, whether public or private.

They can combine a range of activities: series of lectures, seminars or workshops, courses or extensive management training programs. They may also include consulting in various functional areas, on issues where there is express interest.

By their nature, these programs are often take place at the headquarters of the participating institutions, but they can also take place on the ESAN campus.

In ESAN we believe that the relationship between business and academy should generate synergies that we need to take advantage of, in order to improve the management of our organizations. That is why the background, experience and expertise of our teachers and staff is supported by their research and successfully complemented by our teaching methodology.


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