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International Recognition

Faced with a big offer of MBA programs, quality has become the key factor to make a decision. The accreditation offered by AMBA is focused on the international market. We compare the characteristics of the institution and its MBA program with a set of criteria established by an international accreditation committee, formed by both academics and business representatives. ESAN is the first institution in Peru that has received this international accreditation.

Therefore, we offer the best MBA, and the first in Peru that has the AMBAs accreditation, an institution that ensures compliance with the strictest international standards and that makes us a truly international MBA. There are more than 90 programs accredited in the world. For more information you can access the AMBAs website.

International Accreditation

The best business schools in the world tend to be accredited by high standing institutions, which ensures international standards in its academic programs and in the institution itself. To obtain such accreditations, the school must undergo a rigorous assessment process. This accreditation is given for a fixed period which can be above 5 years.

International Memberships

In addition, universities and business schools may enroll in these institutions as members, without necessarily having passed the international accreditation process.

ESAN is member of, among others, the AACSB, EFMD and the NIBES.

In Latin America, CLADEA, the Latin American Council of Management Schools, brings together major business schools in Latin America. ESAN is a founding member of CLADEA and houses the headquarters of its executive management.

PIM (Partnership in International Management)

PIM is a cooperative program that enables the international exchange of graduate students in administration between the educational institutions members of the consortium. These institutions are regarded as first class in their area. Currently the consortium has 53 members, all of them educational institutions highly regarded worldwide.

Only institutions with a high quality MBA are invited to apply for PIM membership. These schools are the best ranked within their region, have a wide range of courses in English and actively participate in international student exchanges with different business schools or universities in different regions of the world. The selection is rigorous and the consortium accepts only one school or university a year, which must meet certain requirements for membership PIM.

ESAN, having met all the requirements of the consortium, was accepted as a member of PIM at the annual meeting held in Mexico City in late 2003, thus becoming the first and only member of PIM in Peru. A key criterion taken into account for this designation was the high level of student exchanges during the previous 6 years in MBA and doctoral programs. During that period, 66 students were received from prestigious MBA programs worldwide and 83 Peruvian students were sent abroad.

Other criteria taken into account were the amount and quality of the local teaching staff, the diverse origins of its international faculty, the emphasis on English language education, the general recognition of its MBA program by various foreign rankings and accreditations and the excellence in student services. The list of consortium members is detailed at the PIM website.

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